Payne Street Pottery is the largest public studio in Louisville. We are conveniently located in Clifton Heights, just minutes from Brownsboro Road and the vibrant Frankfort Avenue shopping district. We offer classes for everyone – whether you are new to pottery or a professional wheel-thrower, our classes can help you reach the next level.


We source our supplies and equipment from some of the most respected names in the industry to ensure our students and artists have access to the best materials. We firmly believe that in order to create better pieces, it’s essential to start with quality ingredients.


  • High-Fire Clays (153, 259, 308, 182, 181, 257)
  • Mid-Range Clays (112, 266, 213)
  • Low-Fire Clays (103, 104, 105)
  • Raku Clay (239)


We carry an assortment of cone 5/6 premixed, dry glazes from Kentucky Mudworks.


  • Electric Kiln

    Provides quick, reliable results.

  • Gas Soda Kiln

    An atmospheric kiln that leaves warm blushes on the bare clay and gives a bright luster to some glazes. Typically reserved for special project classes and more advanced students.

  • Gas-Reduction Car Kiln

    Provides variation and depth to glazes.

Reserve Studio

The studio rental room is equipped with:

  • Potter’s wheel
  • Wedging table
  • Worktable
  • Sink
  • Plenty of work shelves

You will also have access to the studio wheel-throwing and hand-building rooms when classes are not in session. Studio renters are responsible for providing their own materials and covering kiln firing expenses.

To reserve studio space, please call 502.345.6419 or register online.